About Us

In 2010 the story started when me and my husband met for the first time in Massachusetts in the university. We had only a thing in common: we were both passionate about traveling. During this journey we have tested almost every tumbler, every flask, bottle, rambler and cup. What is important about choosing the right bottle? We asked. The answer was obvious: 

the world should get rid of single-use plastic bottles. The harm in non measurable, who has traveled the world would confirm that.

Every day we’re inspired to bring style, innovation and joy to this world. So, we can save the planet, we can have a stylish accessory which is extremely helpful and useful for the green style of living.

Our bodies and our planet are both around 70% water. Water (liquid) is the main ingredient of our body. As a neuroscientist I could not underestimate the importance of nutrition. So if I'm asked what is the first and most important product I'd carry with me 24 hours a day, I'd answer "My rambler".


We promise to help you keep your cool... in the form of ice-cold refreshment to inspire, energize and celebrate all you do to stay fit.


Every time you use your tumbler, you are demonstrating your commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible. It is our mission to decrease the mass abuse of plastic bottles by providing a better alternative.